Start Part-Time

Could you use some extra money?

Do you find yourself wishing that there was a little more money in your bank account? Are you finding it difficult to save for your child's college education, take a summer vacation or pay off your credit cards? Finding a way to accomplish these financial goals - and more - is possible with Primerica.

Primerica is a business that you can start part-time*. With your Primerica career, you can make extra money each month.

  • You determine your hours
  • Primerica provides training and support – you don’t need a degree or background in financial services.

At Primerica, your income is entirely determined by YOU.

In most jobs, your employer decides when you work and what to pay you. Primerica is different. You determine your own hours and have the flexibility to be there for your family when they need you.

Does the Primerica opportunity sound like something you might be interested in?

We’ve Done It … And So Can You!

These Primerica representatives are everyday people just like you. They have a full-time job but want something more from life. By earning a part-time Primerica income, they have been able to put more money toward their goals and dreams and turn their lives around.

Dan & Angela Ballard

Dan & Angela Ballard
Canton, MI
Full-time Occupation: Utility Company Clerk

“My wife and I have been able to pay off our house and put hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement accounts because of our Primerica income. I’m able to make as much money working 10 hours a week at Primerica as I can working 10 hours a day at my full-time job.!”

Byron & Marie Dowell

Frank & Laurie Giglio
Utica, NY
Full-time Occupation: Firefighter

“We have two children, one of whom is special needs and my Primerica part-time income has allowed my wife to be able to stay home and give our kids the attention and care that they need. I don’t think a lot of families are able to do that these days, but Primerica is allowing us to keep our focus on our family.”

Byron & Marie Dowell

Ann & Stephen Amsing
Surrey, British Columbia
Full-time Occupation: Teacher

“Because of our Primerica part-time income, Stephen and I were able to pay down our debt, fund vacations and maximize our retirement savings accounts. We have also been able to help our parents financially. What’s even better is we don’t argue about money any more — because we don’t have to!”

Byron & Marie Dowell

Eric & Dawn Arksey
Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Full-time Occupation: Photographer/Entrepreneur

“The biggest thing we’ve been able to do because of our Primerica part-time income is to replace Dawn’s income. Now, she can give our family the attention she wanted to. Plus, we have a nice savings buffer so when things like our son’s recent ski trip come up, we don’t have to stress about how to pay for them.”

Byron & Marie Dowell

Angela O'Connor & Gary Mills
Brampton, Ontario
Full-time Occupation: Social Worker

“My full-time job doesn’t give me the chance to make a lasting difference in the lives of the people I meet. I love that Primerica is all about that! I love that I’m making extra money every month to help my family, while I educate people about their finances and show them how to make better choices. I’m really passionate about that!”

Byron & Marie Dowell

Christopher & Natalie Lofuedo
Scarborough, Ontario
Full-time Occupation: Elevator Mechanic

“We love the feeling we get when we leave an appointment knowing we’ve just helped to improve a family’s financial situation. We feel so fortunate to be aligned with a company that not only genuinely makes a difference, but also offers us a chance to change our own lives while we make a great part-time income for helping others.”

Byron & Marie Dowell

Lorraine Pasieka
West Baylon, NY
Full-time Occupation: Accountant

“Because of my Primerica part-time income, I’ve been able to pay cash for 19 beautiful acres of land in upstate New York, fully pay for a truck to travel back and forth and, this year, we plan to break ground on our dream house! Plus we’re still able to live comfortably on my full-time income and start preparing for retirement. Primerica is helping us fund our dreams.”

Byron & Marie Dowell

Monique Carter
West Bloomfield, MI
Full-time Occupation: Real Estate Broker

“I own my own real estate brokerage. A couple of years ago, when the market slowed down, I was working 90 hours a week but was still on the verge of losing my home, my business and my income. I saw the Primerica part-time opportunity as a chance to help me supplement my full-time income while helping other people like me get back on track financially. I love being a part of this company!”

Byron & Marie Dowell

Lori Reeve & T.J. Dearborn
Kula, HI
Full-time Occupation: Nail Technician

“When I found Primerica, I was a newly single mom, working long hours as a nail technician and desperately looking for some way to make extra income to make ends meet. The Primerica part-time opportunity was the perfect fit for me. Here, I’ve found not only a business model that allows me to set my own hours and make a great income, but I’ve also found a company with heart. I really believe in what I’m doing for families and the support system here is phenomenal.”