Women in Primerica (WIP)

Women In Primerica (WIP)

What is the History of Women in Primerica (WIP)?

In 1996, Women in Primerica was founded at a time when women made up a small percentage of the company’s sales force. WIP's founders saw the unique opportunity that Primerica offers women – one full of freedom and flexibility that allows them to build a solid financial future. Today, WIP includes nearly 500 members on its Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Advisory Group.

What is the Mission of Women In Primerica (WIP)?

WIP's mission is to provide a professional, positive and rewarding environment that attracts women to the sales force by empowering them to excel in Primerica. Throughout the year, WIP holds special meetings, online events, and many other networking opportunities for newcomers to learn from well-established leaders.

WIP is proud of its heritage and long history of bringing women together, which has led to WIP becoming a cornerstone in Primerica’s leadership and mentoring organizations.

Why is Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) important to Primerica?

Fostering diversity, equality and inclusion is a cornerstone of Primerica's culture. Creating an environment where our employees and sales force can thrive and feel valued is core to who we are. Our sales force, corporate employees and board come from all walks of life, reflecting the communities in which they live in and serve and we could not be prouder.

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